About the Centre

The centre for eGovernment is the university’s research group for eGovernment, eDemocracy and ICT for development.

The main focus is how ICT can be used to create changes in the public sector and the relationship between the public sector and society. This includes topics like internal process changes, re-organization, development and implementation of new digital services, and how ICT can be used to promote democracy and public debate. The centre’s the focus areas are eDemocracy, benefits realization, and ICT for development (ICT4D).


The centre for eGovernment is responsible for several courses at the university (and other institutions as well), and at all levels.

Bachelor courses
TFL102 | IT and society

Master courses
IS417 | eGovernment and eDemocracy
PA8110 | Managing Information in the Public Sector (University of Nebraska at Omaha)

PhD courses
IS606 | Research Issues on eGovernment and ICT for Development

Conferences and workshops

Centre for eGovernment has arranged several national and international conferences and workshops. These are important arenas for researchers and practitioners.

Some examples of conferences and workshops:

  • Scandinavian eGovernment workshop 2014
  • IFIP Egovernment conference 2012
  • IFIP Eparticipation conference 2012