Public Sector PhD

Early november, it was confirmed that Kristiansand municipality and the regional hospital, in collaboration with the University of Agder, has been granted two doctoral applications by the Research Council of Norway, in the new scheme called “Public Sector PhD”.

– I am very happy that UoA has got two of the first research fellows in the “Public Sector PhD” scheme. They will be working with very relevant and important questions, says Torunn Lauvdal, Rector of the University of Agder, in a press release.

My fellow PhD students got their funding!

Health Technology

Via this scheme public sector employees can apply for funding for a PhD. They will focus on research issues of interest to the public sector, and the work will hopefully result in the public sector strengthening its services.

The PhD students, Kirsti Askedal and Geir Thore Berge, received two doctoral scholarships, and both of them will do research on health technology. Now that they got their funding, they can fully focus on the PhD work. And we are of course very happy for them smiley

Does research on efficiency

Kirsti, who is a trained nurse and has a Masters degree in health science, is now employed in Kristiansand municipality. She will do research on the economic and human benefits of efficiency and change initiatives in the municipal health and care sector.

– This is incredibly exciting. I’m looking forward to getting started, says Kirsti in the press release.

Patient Data

Geir Thore is employed at the regional hospital in Kristiansand and is managing the unit dealing with clinical ICT systems. He is a trained nurse and has a Masters degree in Information Systems.

Geir Thore will investigate the structuring of information and patient data in healthcare, and he will also look at how patient records can be structured better.

Ledig doktogradstilling knyttet til e-Læring

The University of Agder invites applications for a full-time fixed-term appointment as PhD Research Fellow in Information Systems for a period of three years, alternatively four years with 25% of the time assigned to tasks at the faculty’s discretion, at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The position is located in Kristiansand, Norway.

The position is associated with the project “Agder Digital Learning Arena”, focusing on innovation in learning through digital media at University of Agder.

Full position announcement:
Application deadline: February 28th, 2014

Bjørn Erik Munkvold
Department of Information Systems
University of Agder
Post box 422, 4604 Kristiansand, Norway
Ph. +47 38141772 / Mob. +47 48125922

Tre ledige stipendiatstillinger ved Institutt for Informasjonssystemer

Institutt for Informasjonssystemer ved universitetet i Agder har tre ledige stipendiatstillinger. Eforvaltning er et av områdene man kan søke på.

Stillingene lyses ut for tre år, eventuelt fire år med 25% arbeidsplikt. Arbeidsplikten består typisk av undervisning, men også andre oppgaver kan inngå. Søknadsfrist er 1. desember

Aktuelle tema innen eForvaltning er for eksempel:
IT og utvikling (ICT for Development)

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